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Information about how to integrate Swish into your business.

QR Codes

Generate Swish QR Codes to offer Swish as a payment method for your business. You can use QR-Codes on their own or together with Swish for Merchants for your store and/or terminal.

Swish for Merchants

Integrate Swish as a payment method for your app or online store and receive a payment notification in real time. Swish for Merchants also allows you to connect Swish QR-Codes to your store and/or terminal.


Simple integration allowing your app to open and pre-fill the Swish app with amount, receiver Swish number and message. This simplifies the consumer user experience. A rudimentary response (“call back”) is provided for and should not be used as a payment confirmation.


Important information

Getswish AB is changing its technical partner, which means changes in our URL for Swish API and a new Swish Certificate. You will therefore need to connect to our new API and download our new Swish Certificate in order for the Swish service to work after June 29, 2018.

Download our guide on how to proceed.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get information when an API is being updated?

By creating an account you will be registered as a…

Where can I download guides to Swish API?

You can find and download all the material for Swish…

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Do you need help to connect to Swish API?

If you need technical support with the integration of Swish and connecting to Swish API you can contact us. If you want to go via a partner you can find a list here.

For information about offers and conditions for Swish, please contact your bank.