1. Introduction

1.1 Document purpose

This document describes the integration of the Swish QR codes for payments in stores, with the merchant’s systems. It is aimed at anyone who is tasked with connecting to the Swish API to perform QR code payments.

For more in-depth information about related topics, such as the e-commerce and m-commerce flows, and for information on how to enroll to Swish for merchants, please see https://developer.getswish.se/merchants/ and technical details https://developer.getswish.se/ .

1.2 Swish for merchants overview

Millions of consumers in Sweden are familiar with Swish. It’s the standard way to handle person to-person transactions, between friends, colleagues and family. It is recognized as an easy-to use, reliable and secure way to transfer money.

The Swish for merchants (Swish för handel) service extends this familiar way of doing transactions to payments on the web, in apps and in stores, and also supports refunds.